Other Services

AboutUs-trucksNorthcoast not only recycles your waste and manages your records, we also offer unique services for those special requests.

At Northcoast, we will provide the labor, recycling, destruction, or storage services necessary for these special projects.  Such requests include office and building clean-outs, moving offices, dismantling and rebuilding equipment, etc.  Putting back your lease space the way it was when you first moved in… Call today with your special request.

Material Handling

Northcoast Inc. offers many unique services that other companies do not. In addition to our recycling, shredding and storage services, we also offer a complete material handling service to our customers.

  • One stop pick-ups of all recyclables because your floor space is valuable
  • Sorting, baling, shredding and dismantling
  • Recycle bins, gaylords, spotted trailers, balers, baling wire and shredders
  • Complete waste hauling services from compactors to 40 yard dumpsters


Merchants, hospitals, medical services, distributors, manufacturing companies, service businesses, warehouses and educational institutions all have special clean-out projects from time to time. We call them purges.

You can accomplish the purge by removing your employees from their jobs or by paying temporary help. You then would have to hire a waste hauler and have the material landfilled. There is a better way!

At Northcoast Inc. Recycling Specialists, we conduct a purge by identifying material that can have value as a recyclable commodity. Whether it is plastic, metal, paper or other recyclable material, it will be directed by Northcoast to markets where its value can sometimes offset the cost of removal. Why throw money away? Those dollars could be matched against the cost of the removal and save you money!

With Northcoast, you get the advantage of a professional removal without the headaches.

So whether you are moving to a new location, remodeling your current one or just spring cleaning, give us a call first…you will be glad you did.