Record Storage

Document Destruction and Record Storage Under One Roof – Now That’s Security!

Northcoast Record StorageNorthcoast Recycling is the #1 name in Document Management and Record Storage. Whether it is retention or destruction, your documents never leave our secure facility. We can develop total record management procedures customized to your business. Feel secure in the knowledge that your files are being handled in a safe and reliable environment.

By storing and shredding with Northcoast, you will be eligible for discounts that other companies can’t or won’t offer.

At Northcoast Record Center, we offer:

  • Record Storage
  • Temperature Controlled Vaulting
  • Document Shredding
  • Bar Code Inventory
  • Private Viewing Room
  • Totally Secured Environment
  • Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service
  • Same Day, Rush and After Hours Services
  • Individual File Retrieval
  • Northcoast Record Center Web Server

Record Storage Program

Customers are provided with barcodes and inventory/transmittal sheets designed for easy retrieval of records. You may barcode the boxes, or a member of Northcoast’s team can do it for you. Northcoast will pick up your boxes for storage at your facility, and they are immediately entered in our Total Recall software and placed on the shelves in our secure facility.

When a file or box is needed from storage, simply call with the appropriate barcode or place your order online and a Northcoast employee will place them in our private viewing room or bring them to your facility. Northcoast also offers online management of your records through our Northcoast Record Center Web Server. This is an online service that allows customers to access storage inventory over the Internet with any standard web browser and can be used simultaneously by an unlimited number of authorized users. With this tool, customers are able to access their current inventory, place orders for pick-up or delivery, track an order status, print reports, etc.

When the shelf life of a box expires, we will contact you with permission to shred your documents. That way, you will not be paying for an expired box to sit on a shelf.

Records Retention Schedule

Please note retention periods are for general reference only. Please consult with your accountant or attorney before permanently destroying any record. Northcoast Inc. Recycling Specialists is not liable for any damages.


Suggested Retention Period

Accident Reports & Claims (Settled) 7 Years
Accounts Payable Ledgers 7 Years
Accounts Receivable Ledgers 7 Years
Audit Reports of Accountants Permanently
Bank Reconciliations 7 Years
Bank Statements 7 Years
Bank Deposit Slips 3 Years
Budgets 3 Years
Capital Stock & Bond Records Permanently
Cash Books Permanently
Charts of Accounts Permanently
Check (Cancelled, Routine) 7 Years
Check (Cancelled, Important) Permanently
Computer Records, Backup of all Business Records Permanently
Contracts Permanently
Corporate Records Permanently
Correspondence (General) 5 Years
Correspondence (Legal & Tax) Permanently
Deeds, Mortgages, Bill of Sales Permanently
Depreciation Schedules Permanently
Employee Personnel Records (Terminated) 7 Years
Employment Applications (Not Hired) 3 Years
Financial Statements Permanently
General & Private Ledgers Permanently
Insurance Policies (Expired) 3 Years
Insurance Reports, Claims & Policies Permanently
Inventories 7 Years
Invoices 7 Years
Journals Permanently
Licenses Permanently
Minute Books of Directors & Stockholders, Including Bylaws & Charters Permanently
Monthly Trial Balances Permanently
Payroll Journals 7 Years
Payroll Records & Summaries 7 Years
Petty Cash Vouchers 7 Years
Plant Cost Ledgers Permanently
Property Appraisals by Outside Appraisers Permanently
Property Records (Costs, Depreciation Schedules, Blueprints, Plans) Permanently
Property Titles & Mortgages Permanently
Purchase Orders 7 Years
Requisitions 7 Years
Sales Journals 7 Years
Sales Records 7 Years
Stock & Bond Records Permanently
Subsidiary Ledgers Permanently
Tax Returns & Worksheets, Revenue Agents’ Reports & Other Documents Permanently
Timebooks/Timecards 7 Years
Trademark Registrations Permanently
Uncollectible Accounts & Write Offs 7 Years
W-2 Forms Permanently